Types of bets: Betting on statistics

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Betting on statistics is an option in which the player bets on indicators and statistics, for example, for football it can be not only performance, but also red and yellow cards.

Betting on statistical data is one of the most interesting types of bets in the betting industry. Previously, bookmakers allowed betting only on the outcome of an event, that is, the player had much fewer opportunities not only in betting, but also winning. Today, the list of bookmakers is constantly expanding, players are offered much more opportunities. Operators now accept bets not only on the outcome, but also on shots on goal, the total number of shots, penalties, offsides and other events. At the same time, bets are accepted not only in football, operators are starting to accept bets on other games as well.

Such types of betting are interesting, first of all, for those players who prefer the analysis of statistical data and other useful information for betting in general. This is how the user can not only diversify his game, but also make it more exciting and not reduce it only to “guessing” the winner.

Most often, this type of bet is interesting for professional bettors who take into account the reviews of other players, statistics, and other data. It is on the basis of the analysis of all this information that they build their strategy, determining the most winning bets and schemes, winning more often than would be possible without analysis. It is also interesting to take into account that bookmakers most often make mistakes when placing quotes on statistics, and not on the outcomes of the main events, that is, there are many more opportunities for users to win.

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