Outright Strategy in Sports Betting

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The main task of any bettor is to predict the outcomes of various sporting events in such a way as to beat the bookmaker’s office. A bet is made between the bookmaker and the player. If the player wins, the money goes to his favor, that is, to his bank. For beginners who have just begun to master betting, a simple and understandable “Outright” betting strategy is well suited. Let’s figure out its essence.

To begin with, you need to decide what the outcomes may be. This is important, since it is not possible to bet with such tactics in all sports. Traditional outcomes can be:

  • victory of team A (W1);
  • victory of team B (W2);
  • draw (X).

But not all sports can have a draw. Think of basketball, volleyball, and tennis, for example. Football is the best way to apply and practice the strategy we have chosen. For football, each of these three outcomes is quite realistic. A bettor can bet on any of the outcomes or choose a double outcome (two possible game options).

Advantages of Double Outcome Betting

The double outcome strategy is also called the 12 betting strategy. This means that the bettor is betting on the first or second team to win, but not on a draw.

Advantages of tactics:

  • good profit if the strategy is used with an overvalued favorite or an undervalued outsider;
  • can be used at any stage of the match;
  • maximum correctness of the bet in case of firm confidence in the absence of a draw.

It is logical that the strategy fully justifies itself if teams with a clear difference in strength plan to fight on the field. That is, if the meeting is for an outsider and a favorite, then fate itself tells you to bet on the outcome. Definitely, one team will lose and the other team will win. It is extremely rare for a draw to happen under such circumstances, so such a prediction move is quite justified and logical. Either the outsider will gather all his strength and snatch victory, or the favorite will win according to the classic laws of the genre.

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