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The activities of the Pinnacle bookmaker’s office are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation. This is due to the fact that the bookmaker does not have a license, that is, it operates illegally. For this reason, the resource is taken under the strict control of Roskomnadzor. If you try to use your computer or laptop to click on the direct link to the Pinnacle bookmaker address, the page will not load or will inform you that there is a federal ban and the inability to navigate.
Зеркало Pinnacle
What to do in such a situation? Several thousand players from Russia are registered on the bookmaker’s website. Some of them are experienced bettors, others are still completely new to the world of betting. But each of them finds workarounds. One of them is the “mirror”.

What is a “mirror”?

Что такое «зеркало»? A “mirror” is an alternative site that exactly duplicates the official website of the bookmaker in terms of its design, format, and colors. The only difference is the URL of the link. It will be different.

When switching to the mirror, registered players will not have to register again. It is enough to log in using your usual data. After that, you will be able to:

  • Bet;
  • watch the result of the games;
  • replenish the deposit;
  • withdraw money from the account;
  • receive additional bonuses;
  • contact technical support;
  • Change your personal data.

How long can the Pinnacle mirror work?

Как долго может работать «зеркало» БК Pinnacle? As a rule, Roskomnadzor bodies do not lose vigilance. They are well aware of the fact that bookmakers illegal in the Russian Federation often come up with workarounds so as not to lose part of the audience. Therefore, the service constantly monitors the Internet, finds “mirrors” and also blocks such sites.

It would seem that the player has just started playing again, and now he has been banned again. But the developers of the Pinnacle website work quickly. They are constantly creating new alternative links, which they inform their bettors about. This goes on endlessly.

Only those bookmakers that are still poorly developed and are not included in the rating of the best bookmakers are not engaged in the creation of “mirrors”. But Pinnacle is a bookmaker that is considered one of the best and most profitable. Therefore, you should have no trouble logging in to its portal.

How else to get to the site?

Как еще попасть на сайт? If you do not have an up-to-date “mirror”, but want to go in, place bets and not miss your chance to make good money, then you can use other alternative options:

  • use the VPN extension (it is installed in the browser settings);
  • Change your IP address.

The disadvantage of a VPN is that the Internet often slows down and the system freezes. On the other hand, the programs are more stable and better, but they cost money. Do you need additional costs? It is better to use “mirrors”. But they also have a catch. Scammers often post “left” links, calling them a “mirror” of the bookmaker’s office. The bookmaker is not responsible for this.

How to recognize a fraudulent resource?

Как распознать ресурс мошенников? In order not to get a pack of viruses on your computer and not to “get” a large amount, you need to be careful about clicks. The following signs indicate the site of sophisticated fraudsters:

  • lack of response to a request to the Technical Support Service;
  • differences in color, graphic design, or functionality between the imaginary “mirror” and the official website of the bookmaker;
  • No live events.

In order not to become a victim, we recommend that you follow the news of the bookmaker’s office, which usually prescribe links to new safe “mirrors”. You can also contact the Support Service via the hotline and get the up-to-date information you need.

Links to real “mirrors” can also be found on third-party resources where bettors communicate with each other, discuss sports events and gaming moments. At the same time, you need to make sure that this site or forum is competent, without a catch and with the availability of fresh posts.

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