Types of bets: Steam locomotive bet

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The “Locomotive” bet is essentially an “accumulator” bet, assuming that the events will go in turn, one after the other. This means that each match starts strictly after the end of the other, that is, a complex bet with many events is used. For a positive result, the player can take advantage of all the advantages that the surebet gives him, but this is exactly what some of the features of the “locomotive” are.

The most frequent players who use the “steam locomotive” are arbers. They use various tricks, for example, they want to appear in the eyes of the bookmaker’s office employees as ordinary beginners or amateurs, which helps to avoid a serious decrease in the maximum. There are a number of players who bet only on “locomotives”, trying to avoid lowering the limits, but some prefer ordinary surebets, hoping that they will not be noticed in the general mass by the employees of the bookmaker’s office. Usually, such players, despite all their tricks, are quite easy to distinguish from arbers, but many large bookmakers are loyal to them, since in the end, the bookmaker still makes a large profit.

This type of betting became especially popular in the fall of 2011, after Marathon changed its policy. Previously, this bookmaker gave its players the opportunity to use surebets, but from that moment on, massive cuts in maximums began, which especially affected professional users. As a result, players began to look for other opportunities, one of which was a “locomotive” with match insurance. The bet is used until the accumulator wins or loses, with the player not losing anything. Insurance allows him to recover all the funds spent during betting. In case of winning, the amount received will compensate for the cost of insurance.

How to park a steam locomotive?

How to bet on such a type of bet as “locomotive” To do this, the player first needs to find outcomes for different matches where there are surebets, but at the same time, all matches must follow each other. Next, the player must bet on the “locomotive” express bet, insure the bet during the entire time of the matches, until the express plays (becomes a winner or a loser). It should be borne in mind that the lost amounts will be returned to the player due to the insurance made, that is, the player does not lose anything. In case of winning, the player not only compensates for the costs associated with insurance, but also receives a fairly tangible profit.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that the search for surebets is a difficult matter, it is difficult and not always possible to find them within one bookmaker’s office. While one match is over, the odds for the next one may already be different, and this leads to the fact that the surebet simply ceases to exist. Such a problem can be compensated if you exchange bonuses for accumulators from the bookmaker’s office. Today, many bookmakers offer options in which the percentage of winnings is completely dependent on the total number of events in the express. This means that if at the time of insurance the coefficients change, that is, they are not arbs, then the player has the opportunity to use additional bonuses and make the game profitable. That is, a negative situation is transformed into a fork situation. In this case, the player has a great chance to take advantage of all the advantages of the locomotive bet and make a significant profit.

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