Types of bets: anti-accumulator

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An anti-accumulator is a combined type of bet that works on the opposite principle of “parlay” bets. This offer is unique and is valid only at the Marathon bookmaker’s office.

In order for the “Antiexpress” bet to win, special conditions are required – at least one of the included choices must not win. In this case, the coefficient will be calculated in the opposite way. As an example, consider the following:

  • the bet includes Manchester City’s victory in the match with Swansea at odds of 1.39 and Chelsea’s victory in the match with West Bromwich Albion at odds of 1.23;
  • In this case, the odds for the “Accumulator” bet will be 1.71, the pass rate will be 58.48%;
  • In order for the “Anti-Express” bet to win, it is necessary that one or both favorites lose or draw;
  • The calculation of the coefficient will be calculated as follows: 100%-58.48%, that is, the resulting value will be 41.52% or a coefficient of 2.41.

In the Marathon bookmaker’s office, with such a system, they will offer odds of 2.16 for the “anti-express” bet, which means a probability of passing 46.3% for this example. What is the difference between calculations and real supply? All this is in the bookmaker’s margin, which will be equal to 4.78% (46.3%-41.52%).

If a return is included in the bet, then the final odds will be higher, since the coefficient of the reverse “express” will be smaller. But in any case, for the example presented, one of the choices must lose for the bet to work.

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