Types of bets: Surebet

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A surebet is an interesting tool that allows you to make a profit regardless of the outcome of the game. At the same time, the player bets on all the results that may take place at the end of the event. When Can a Surebet Appear? This is a situation that arises when there are differences in winning odds for different bookmakers.

What is a surebet and what does it affect? This is one of the most winning options, especially a double surebet, which implies two opposite outcomes of the event, that is, even if you lose one bet, the second one will definitely be a winner.

Striking examples of such surebets are:

  • bets in tennis matches on the winner – W1-W2;
  • number of goals scored in football – Over 2.5 – Total Under 2.5;
  • Handicap for goals in football matches – Handicap 1 (-1.5) – Handicap 2 (+1.5).

In this situation, you can bet on both options – one of them will be guaranteed to win.

How Do Surebets Appear?

BCs are in a constant struggle with each other, they not only compete for players, but also try in every way to keep those players who play. Because of this, there are situations when the odds are greatly overestimated, that is, a player can bet on one outcome in one bookmaker’s office, for the opposite outcome in another and is guaranteed to win. At the same time, the final score will not be decisive – the bet will be winning and the user will make a profit.

As an example, consider the following situation:

During the Europa League match, one bookmaker offers odds of 2.02 nA Over 2.5, the second bookmaker provides the opportunity to bet at odds of 2.06 on Under 2.5. In such a situation, you can make a bet of $50.49. USD 49.51 in the first bookmaker’s office. USA on the second BC. In this case, the winnings can be:

  • 49*2.02=101.99 USD USA (with a total number of votes of 0.1, 2);
  • 51*2.06=$101.99 (with a total of 3, 4, 5 votes).

That is, the player, having bet a total of $100. In any case, he will receive a prize of $101.99. USA from one of the bookmakers. The profit received is $1.99. That is, with a larger initial bet, the amount of winnings will be proportionally higher.

The ratio of 100% of the win is called a percentage, this is the profitable surebet. To calculate the profitability, you need the total guaranteed winnings, in our case it is $101.99. Divide by the total amount of bets ($100). The result is a value of 1.99. This figure will be the profitability of the surebet, that is, the guaranteed winning percentage will be 1.99%.

Where can you find such surebets and how common are they? The main method is a special surebet calculator, which allows you to quickly calculate the necessary data, coefficients, and other information. In addition, there are many articles on the Internet that allow you to learn more about the features of the surebet, its mechanism of action, and general description. With the help of such numerous services and calculators, you can determine Pre-match and Live surebets, calculate the total level of guaranteed profitability. Moreover, the calculator is suitable for calculating any type of surebet or bet. This applies not only to the simplest double forks, but also to more complex options such as triples and other types.

How Common Are Surebets? The phenomenon is not so rare, but the player must have some experience in order to identify such situations in time and use them correctly.

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