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Bet365 is a popular British bookmaker. The company began operations in 1974, acted illegally, but successfully. In 2000, it received an official permit for bookmaking, and in 2001 it presented to the general public a website where on-line betting could be made on the outcomes of sports competitions.

Online activities of bookmakers are banned on the territory of Russia. Some of the bookmakers make concessions, fulfilling the requirements of domestic government bodies, including entry into the "Association of Bookmakers". But often official requirements are contrary to the policy of the bookmaker. In this case, the site of the bookmaker is blocked.

The initiator and executor of the blocking of resources that do not comply with the laws of the Russian Federation is the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications (Roskomnadzor) . As the example of the Telegram messenger shows, blocking is not always successful. Nevertheless, access to sites that fall into the block list for the vast majority of Russian users is difficult or completely excluded.

What do players do?

First of all, do not despair. First, it is possible that soon the laws will change, and there will be a thaw for bookmakers. Secondly, even if the main site is blocked, there are so-called mirrors.

Mirror of the is a complete analog of the official site. In the case of Bet365, this means that a familiar interface with the same menus and functionality opens up for the user at the new address. Moreover, all the account data is saved, there is no need for registration, the same funds remain on the account and the bets made earlier are kept.

As a rule, a single mirror is not enough. Since Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications continues to identify and methodically close bookmaking resources, new mirror sites appear. Follow the news.

Remember, that users are not harassed and not punished for visiting the online pages of bookmakers.


The modern world requires at least a superficial knowledge of modern technology. Practically everybody knows that to bypass blocking, you should use

  • Opera Turbo;
  • VPN-services;
  • Anonymizers;
  • alternative Tor browser.

Someone can name more options. That's right, but there is a nuance. Sometimes it's easier to bypass the block. If it is a mirror. The main address, as a rule, is firmly closed to the Russians.

If the new mirror addresses have not yet appeared, and the desire to make a bet is getting stronger, use the mobile version of the site or the corresponding application.

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