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What else except high odds and good marge could please the client of bookmaker company? Definitely it should be interesting bonus offers and promotions. Betfair bookmaker company hasn't become an exception here.

Well, the bonuses can be categorized in the following way:

  • up to 40 points for poker
  • up to 10 points for bingo
  • up to 10 points for slot machines
  • up to 10 points for bets

These bonuses can be received by all new players signed up on the website. Every point is equal to 1 euro. You can't help but agree that 10 euro sounds attractively.  But nobody is going to pay you this amount.  It's required to keep  number of conditions in order to get this amount to your player account.

In this case bookmaker invented  the tricky case: there are no certain conditions but there are no payouts as well. Everything is well-hidden between the lines by experienced  marketing specialists. In  other words their offer isn't money but some kind of bet  insurance. To make a long story short if you placed a bet (the minimum deposit is precisely 10 euro) and it lost bookmaker guarantees the cashback of this amount to the internal account of the player. Everything is simple and clear.

On the one hand it looks like a small scam but on the other hand it's a real chance for every new player to make a test-drive of his luck. Anyway  he looses nothing but could win something.

Bet  25 and get 5

'' Place a $25 bet and get $5''  is one of the bonus offers from Betfair bookmaker company. As you wish you can get such a rich bonus on weekly basis. To get free bet the player just has  to place $25 to football express. But firstly it worth clarifying the conditions and keep them in a proper way.

  1. You haven't to make $25 bet on the one event. You can divide it to two or more bets (for example to $15 and $10 bets. The main thing is that the baseline should be not less than $25
  2. Payments are done on weekly basis every Monday for previous series
  3. Only football expresses are counted. The number of events should be at least 4.
  4. The odd for every event shouldn't be less than 1,50
  5. Only pre-match bets are counted. Live bets don't work

The calculation of promised bonuses in the case of the keeping all conditions  mentioned above by the player takes place on Monday within 12 hours  since the moment of the last completed bet. The information about free bet appears in the ''My bonus'' section of the player account. It's highly important not to lose the moment of getting bonus because the player can use it within 48 hours only.  Free bet can't be used for any event but only for offered by the bookmaker ones. Bets with  the 1.20 odds and higher are counted.

Important! If the express bet was canceled it doesn't mean that the conditions will be kept. If you canceled 1 event of the 5 it will not affect the bonus calculations. If  2 of 5  events were canceled ( in other words there are only 3 active bets are counted) it means that the conditions are broken ( there should be at least 4 events). In this case it doesn't worth waiting for desirable free bet. 

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